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Minnesota SriLanka Friendship Foundation Presents
Dance and Rhythmns of SriLanka

At the University of Minnesota St.Paul Campus
Student Center Auditorium
Saturday February 9, 2008 at 6.30 pm
2017 Buford Ave, St. Paul MN 55106 Phone: 612-625-9794
Sponsored by: SriLanka Student Association - University of Minneosta
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Folk Dance Contemporary Drumming

The State Dance Ensemble was founded in the late sixties of the last century under auspices of the Ministry and the Department of Culture under the guidance of renowned traditional dancer Panibharatha. The intention of the troupe was to introduce the traditional Sri Lankan dance to the world and to create innovative dance forms by blending tradition and modernity.

It was elevated to the State of a fully-fledged professional company by the renowned musicologist W.D. Makuloluva who was its artistic direction in the seventies. Presently under the directorship of Ravibandhu Vidyapathy an acclaimed traditional and contemporary dancer and innovative choreographer the company dances and modern dance dramas. The company consists of 30 young dancers and drummers some of whom hail from traditional dance families who have preserved, performed and transmitted the traditional ritual dancing for over five generations.

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Learning Center dedication in July 2007 in Sri Lanka

Shimek Learning Center
Lerning Center under construction (picture by Sussie Pratt, Architecture for Humanity)

MnSLFF is planning to dedicate the Learning Center in July 2007. Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau, the building contractor is now in the process of completing the landscape work and furnishing the library.
Susie Pratt, from Architectures for Humanity program visited the Learning Center construction site and took picutures of the facility and some of the future patrons. In an email to AFH she wrote " The first thing to let you know is that the quality of the construction appears to be very good. I have seen a lot of poor construction work in the re-building effor of post-tsunami, so I was very relieved to find a such a high standard here."

Children are looking forward for the opening

Children Children Children
Computer Center...

Becky Guneratne will work with the Montessori Commitee to setup the classrooms. MnSLFF expects to accomodate 50 students in the Montessori.
MnSLFF voluneers in Sri Lanka Ama and Uma Kithulgoda, students of University of Sri Lanka (Colomob campus), are taking the leadeship in setting up the library. Further MnSLFF is working with agencies and donors to furnish the computer center. If you would like join us in helping with any of these projects, please feel free to email us at admin@mnsff.org

The simple houses are solidly built....

50 Houses The houses in the picturesque Monrovia Estate village are built on hilly land with orange clay soil and lush green surroundings of palm trees and rice-paddy fields.....The simple houses are solidly built, with few amenities. They have clay-tile roofs, cement-slab floors and cement walls painted with a white-lime finish. With year-round temperatures averaging in the 80s, holes are cut into the walls to help ventilate and keep the places cool. Inside, the families have two bedrooms, a main room and a kitchen. A small room with a toilet — more of an outhouse with a septic system — is connected to the house. But it has a separate outside entrance at the rear. The houses each have a small veranda with a concrete pillar.The village has electricity but no running water until water pipes are built. In the meantime, tanks purchased by the Minnesotans are filled with drinking water by government-supplied trucks. The Minnesota group also bought compost bins for disposal of trash. - By Brian Bonner Pioneer Press January 17,2006
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They have delivered what they promiesed....

Minister Dinesh Gunewardena with Brian Bonner Srilal Liyanapathiranage of Woodbury and Udayanthi "Udi" Perera of Dellwood were among the Minnesotans taking part in the festivities. They are Sri Lankan natives and leaders of the Minnesota Sri Lanka Friendship Foundation. The pair also helped the Sri Lankan development minister unveil a black-granite plaque with white lettering that read in part:, "A gift of shelter from the people of Minnesota to the people of Sri Lanka."
For all the stories of misspent aid, corruption and waste in the $13.6 billion recovery under way in tsunami-affected nations this small project is among those in which the money got through to its intended recipients. Gunewardena called the Minnesota effort "one of the exemplary projects." "They have delivered what they promised, and the people are happy," he said. "That's the main thing." He especially liked the Minnesota group's interest in doing more than building houses. The planned community center, expected to be built by May, will have a library, preschool and computer room. The Minnesotans also are looking for long-range projects to help villagers become self-sufficient in a nation with per-capita income of only $4,000 a year.. - By Brian Bonner Pioneer Press January 17,2006
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Made arrangements with the Water Board.. water connection is given in February.

Beneficiery Family
A family
Electricity has been provided for most of the houses on site and the rest were being connected as we toured the site. Visited the recipient houses to make sure that they were prepared for the ceremony the next day. Water tanks were on site and the ground was cleared of debris and brush.....We paid a visit to the site to find out the livelihood of the recipients. Engaged in another survey to re-analyze the basic house hold package.
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Jayani Adikram
Our representatives in Sri Lanka more..>>

Becky's blog

The Journal of Becky Gunaratne who is one of the representatives of MnSLFF in Sri Lanka. more..>>

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