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T.M.Jayaratne Concert June 25, 2005 - Event Highlights

Guests of Honor Dan and Kay Shimek lighting the oil lamp A.S.Liyanapathiranage (Lal) lighting the oil lamp Pooja dance by Nandini Korea
Opening Song by T.M."Anduru kutiya thula" T.M. with Viranga "Ran tikiri sina" T.M. with Christina "Chandi kamata randuwak wela"
Sihasara Band from Washington Thusitha Chandrasiri and Himali Ruwangala Himali Ruwangala
Guests of Honor AppleValley Mayor Mary Hamann Roland Guests of Honor Dan and Kay Shimek Bouquet of Flowers by Shriyanka and Gabriela
Audience "This is a wonderful event" "Thank you for organizing this"
Prassana and Mithula Udi Perera Mayor Mary Hamann Roland, Nevanka and Kay Shimek
Viranga & Chritina Chamath Perera - Communication support Julie Aikoriegie - dedicated supporter
"Thankyou Speech" by Mitula Perera Master of Ceremony J. Atukorala Enjoying the Event
Boquet of flowers for Viranga by Samantha Children Joined the event Group photo

Our heartfelt thanks go to meaestro T.M.Jayaratne for his sublime songs evoking memories of the land we love. Many of us have been lifelong fans.

Much planning and hard work has gone into making this concert a truly memorable experience. This event would not have been possible without the contribution of the following people.
  • Marie Dias
  • Dilhan Durage
  • Nalini Faleel
  • Gabriela Guneratne
  • Samantha Guneratne
  • Shriyanka Harrison
  • Pam Ilangaratne
  • Asela Kulasekera
  • Jayani Mendis
  • Upul Perera
  • Radhika Shreedaran
  • Indu Sonnadara
  • Dilini Sundaram
  • Jayantha Weerasinghe
  • The Board and the Chartered Members of MnSLFF for their leadership and support.
  • Chamath Perera for sharing his talent and great contributions and commitment
  • Tilak Panapitiya and "Siha Sara": Aikla Indunil, Rakitha Shantha, Dinesh Kapila, Binara Mapalage, Thusitha Chandrasiri, Himali Ruwangala for their superb musical accompaniment
  • Nandini Korea for dancing with beauty and grace
  • Becky Guneratne for sharing her experience in Sri Lanka
  • Ben Garvin for memories and pictures
  • Nevanka Goonewardena, Mithula and Udi Perera for their hard work and commitment
  • Jayantha and Viranga Atukorala for their dedication and total commitment to make this a successful event


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