Minnesota-Sri Lanka Friendship Foundation "Rebuilding a Village For Tsunami Surviors"


I visited coastal area from Hambanthotha to Kamunai distirct,
saw over 90% of the distruction. Although I want to visit North,
due to the terrorist activities in that area and for our safety reasons
drivers adviced me not to.
I met the priminister, and his secretary, and talked to the
secretary to the president to get a commitment from the govt.
to provide us a peace of land to build the village.
Finally I met Mr. Dinesh Goonewardena thru Jayani Adikrama
and Yadamini Gunewardena. They both graduated from
University of Wisconsin. Jayani used to work in Minneapolis Minnesota.
She was our Minnesota Connection to SriLanka. Got the commitement
for the land in writing from the Minister on January 28th 2005
I returned to USA on January 29 2005.

Honorable Mr. Dinesh Gunewardena
Minister of Urban Development Authority & Water Supply