Minnesota-Sri Lanka Friendship Foundation "Rebuilding a Village For Tsunami Survivors"


"Jayani's Journal" June 6 2005

The beneficiaries List
On the way to Monrovia Estate we stopped at
the Hikkaduwa Divisional Secretary’s office
to collect the list of the beneficiaries.
They have not prepared the original list. But
they informed us that they will be selecting
Tsunami affected victims only from Gammadegoda,
Rathgama area. Once when they put together a list
of names it has to go through the village official
“Grama seva niladari” to find out whether these cases
are true Tsunami victims. Although the officials said
it can be prepared in few days we assume it might
take few weeks to go through the screening process.
  But we got their contact information so that
we can call and find out the progress on that.


Potential Recipients