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Construction In Progress: Foundation Laying Ceremony

Mr.Granville Perera, past President of the Federation of Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce and Industries at the Foundation Laying Ceremony. May 19, 2005 Hikkaduwa

Minister of Urban Development and Water Supply, Mr. Dinesh Gunewardeana, was represented by his son Mr. Yadamini Gunewardena, who is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. Mr Dinesh Gunewardena graduated from the University of Oregon

Becky Guneratne represented MnSLFF in Sri Lanka with Jayani Adikrama and Tilak Ratnayake. Becky organized the ceremony with the assistance of  her two daughters Gabi and Sami. After the foundation laying ceremony Becky and her children moved back to Minnesota to join her husband, Prassana Guneratne.

Jayani Adikrama is the Project Manager of MnSLFF in Sri Lanka. Gabi and Sami are wearing a "Lama Sari"; a traditional Sri Lankan dress

It was a simple ceremony with limited number of invitees. People were delighted to see the commencement of the housing construction project.

Construction issues were discussed between the officials from UDA, General Contractor Land Rehabilitation and Developament Company and MnSLFF.

Mr.& Mrs.Granville Perera with one of the builders Thilakasiri Vithange.

Religious activities prior to the foundation laying ceremony. It was a very simple ceremony.

Following Sri Lanka traditions, Becky serves milk rice and bananas to the participants. 

Thialakasiri Vithanage with Thilak Ratnayake, Jayani Adikarama and Jayantha Atukorala





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