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Tsunami disaster relief work
MNSLFF made a contribution of $9085.90 on the 13th of January 2005 to Society for the Upliftment and Conservation of Cultural Economical and Social Standards for immediate tsunami disaster relief work.

SUCCESS Colombo is a registered charity social organization devoted to help poor and needy people of SriLanka. The services of this organization are extended to all people, without any discrimination on ethnicity, religion or any other differences. Established in 1993 this organization has been engaged in humanitarian work in most of the parts in Sri Lanka. Services included help with construction of homes, nurseries, agricultural wells, providing agricultural equipment, and helping in self-employment projects for men and women. They also provided food and clothing, books and educational items for the needy. Conduct free medical camps in various parts of the country.

After the tsunami disaster organization directed all their efforts towards affected areas in the coastal region. A Medical team was involved in providing emergency medical relief for the survivors. They distributed clothes, dry rations, milk, medicines and food. Also they were distributing kitchen equipment such as pots and pans and other utensils. SUCCESS Colombo is continuing their assistance to tsunami survivors until there is some improvement in the life style of the displaced persons. SUCCESS Colombo is also planning to build some houses for the survivors who lost their homes.


Here is an example of the SUCCESS Colombo Tsunami Disaster Relief Activities:

  Date   Activity  
  12/26/04 Visited Refugee Camps Cooked food, distributed clothes and medicines.
  12/28/04 Dispatch urgent requirements for children displaced in Ampara Hospital.
      Supply milk powder, infant clothing, and other supplies by helicopter
  12/29/05 Conducted medical clinics in the city of Trincomalee in the east coast.
       Distributed food, dry ration, milk powder and other supplies
  01/02/05 Conducted Medical clinics in the southern coast and distributed food and other
  01/06/05 Visited refugee camps and distributed food, dry ration and supplies.
Conducted medical clinics in the east coast Ampara district also
  distributed food, kitchen utensils, and clothing.
  01/16/05 Conducted medical Clinics in the southern coast and distributed food and clothing
  for survivors.

SUCCESS Colombo sent a letter on January 17th of 2005 thanking MNSLFF for its generous contribution and a list of humanitarian services that they are carrying out in the wake of tsunami disaster.

MNSLFF is very happy with the volunteer work of the members of SUCCESS Colombo and their dedication to the mission: help the people in need.