Your Contribution to SriLanka

Housing Project Dedicated January 16, 2006

Gift of Shelter, from the people of Minnesota to the people of SriLanka. Working with the Government Agencies and other Provincial Councils, MnSLFF completed the housing project (Fifty houses) within 12 months and gifted the houses for tsunami survivor families.  

Housing Project
50 houses
Designed by Architecture for Humanity – Minnesota Chapter. 
Community Learning Center Dedicated – July 7, 2007

“From across the sea, we felt your loss. As soon as we could, we came to help you rebuild. In our country, that’s what neighbors do and on that tragic day, the people of Minnesota became your neighbors. This Learning Center and these 50 homes were built by the tireless efforts of the Minnesota/Sri Lanka Friendship Foundation, the Government of Sri Lanka, the pennies of many children and the gifts of many business leaders – only a few of whom are named here. In this place, may your families live in safety and with peace and your children learn to build a future filled with hope.” – Dan and Kay Shimek

From the Housing Project Photo Library