The Minnesota Sri Lanka Friendship Foundation is an organization dedicated to the promotion of social, cultural, educational and economic ties between the people of Minnesota, USA and the people of Sri Lanka
We envision a community that has a basic level of shelter that provides a platform from which they can rebuild their livelihoods. We hope to support these rebuilding efforts for a limited period of time in order to ensure that the community has the capacity to orchestrate their own development in a manner that is sustainable. We see a community that can gather at a central location i.e., Community Center to engage as a public in a civic process that addresses issues of shared concern. We envision this community center as also a place where children can begin their early childhood education and adults have the opportunity to improve their vocational skills. We are confident that through this process we will be able to create goodwill and shared understanding between two disparate cultures in two distant parts of the world.
Strategic Intent
Maintain a thriving and self-sufficient community – within the geographic scope of the area and develop a covenant with the local authorities in Sri Lanka to establish the process of development, distribution, ownership and transfer of ownership of property.

Children from the community
Minnesota Preschool students getting ready for a performance

Our Core Values


Honoring the diversity of our members, partners and the communities we serve. Recognizing and honoring the diversity of employers and volunteers. Adopting a philosophy of embracing diversity of Sri Lanka and Minnesota communities


Being honest Interacting in an open, respectful and civil manner. Upholding values in actions and decisions. Developing an environment of inclusiveness and mutual respect. Holding each other accountable in uncompromising ethical matters.


Embracing and owning the Mission, Vision, and Values. Accepting and following through on commitments. Accepting roles and responsibilities. Seeking out and meeting challenging objectives. Supporting organizational decisions


Working together toward a shared vision.  Seeking out, listening and considering differing points of view. Respecting and valuing differences. Recognizing the collaborative contributions of others. Establishing and maintaining effective relationships


Demonstrating financial accountability Using all of our resources wisely in a transparent manner. Transparent in all transactions within legal parameters of both countries

Meet the Team

2008 Minnesota Sri Lanka Friendship Foundation received the Humanitarian Service Award from the Minnesota State Agency, Council for Asian American for Minnesota.

Humanitarian Service Award. Founding members L to R – Udi Perera, Nevanka Goonewardena, Virendra Ratnayake, Mithula Perera and Ananda S. Liyanapathiranage