Galapitagala Vidyalaya

Galapitagala Vidyalaya is a  small school with about two hundred students and twenty eight teachers. School parents comes from the farming  and labor community, with less than $100 a month income.  School provide students with one uniform and school text books, and a meal for the day. (Map of School Compound)
School Compound Layout


MnSLFF is managing the  Galapitagala School Auditorium project sponsored by a major donor from Texas and Minnesota. School is located  in Kakirawa District in the North Central Province. School has a stage for student’s performance and meetings built by a charitable organization. Children and the parents has to stand in the hot sun to watch the performance. Need for a shelter was identified, Mr. Leihton Jayasekara from Texas and Mrs. Chandrika Ratnayake from Minnesota were kind enough to raise the necessary funds to build a pavilion for the school. 

MnSLFF visited the site twice and worked with the principal of the school as well as the District Engineering staff to get a plan approved with the required BOQ. The size of the building will be 30’x20’.

MnSLFF met with a contractor on December 23rd, 2019. The Principal will find a auspicious time to start the project in the first  week of January. Project completion date would be March 3Oth. Heavy rain in the area makes it difficult to work for few weeks.  Further there will be some changes to layout of the building location to comply with the master building plan of the school. This change  plus the needs for 3 different entrance doors for the building, gutters and plinth area may increase the cost.  Contractor agreed to provide  the estimates.

Library Needs 

With School Principal

School has a library  room with a small collection of books.  This room  (20’x20’) is currently used for storage purpose.  Principal and the teachers indicated the need for newspaper reading  tables, books and some help to renovate the library room. They agreed to provide a list of needs for our consideration.

December 2019