Construction Work

We have great news to share with you. Ground breaking ceremony for the pavilion took place on the 2nd of January 2020. After consulting an astrologer, auspicious times were identified for the ground breaking ceremony and to lay the foundation stone. School staff participated in those traditional activities with the contractor.

Mr. Padmasiri Dissanayake, the art teacher and W.S. Vipula, dancing teacher are working closely with the School Pricipapal Nalika to accomplish the task. Our meeting with the contractor, Nimal Karunaratne was productive, his plan is to complete the construction work by the end of March 2020.

Shoes for the Students.

School Principal is not sure about getting the shoes for the students for school year 2020. She does not beleive Galapitagala Vidyalaya is entitle for the shoes due to the rural location. Once she receives the determination letter from the Education Department she will contact us, with the determination information. If the department fails to provide the shoes, MnSLFF will explore the possibility of helping the students.

Library Needs

School has a classroom (20′ x 20′) turned to a library with a small number of books. The room is mainly used as a storage room. Staff indicated the needs for the news paper reading tables, books and some help to renovate the library. Staff agreed to provide us with a list of needs for the library.