Minnesota Library and Preschool
Minnesota Library and Preschool

MnSLFF Projects in Sri Lanka

Housing Project  Panwila, Rajgama Hikkaduwa

The main purpose of this project was to provide shelter for the people who lost their houses after the tsunami disaster that took place in Sri Lanka on the 26th of December 2004. Fifty houses were built and distributed; List of eligible recipients’ names was submitted by the officials of Hikkaduwa Provincial Council. MnSLFF officials interviewed the applicants further to assure fairness.

House with an extention
This House is modified by the recipient. 

Schimek Community/Learning  Center Panwila, Rajgama Hikkaduwa – Operated by Rajgama Pradeshiya Sabha.

Mnslff made the decision to build the Community Center to provide a gathering place for the community for their community meetings. Schimek Family was the major donor for this project. Community center accommodated a library, preschool, and a medical clinic.  Center was officially handed over to the Rajgama Pradeshiya Sabha.

Minnesota Library is a fully furnished library with all the necessary book racks, tables, and chairs as well as all the books recommended by the library board of Sri Lanka. Further Mnslff built a computer learning center attached to the library.  The library has three staff members,  service 765 households, and work with students of three schools in the area.

Due to the increased number of elected members in the  Rajgama Pradeshiya Sabha in the year 2017, the Pradeshiya Sabha authorities made the decision to use the library to conduct their monthly meetings.

Council Meeting
Council Monthly Meeting in the Community Center

Minnesota Preschool is a vital element of the Community Center, There are about 45 students attending the classes every year. Each student spends three years at the preschool.  School hours are 8.00 am to 12.00 pm. Each year the school celebrates the graduation of their students to attend the public school programs.  There are three teachers to take care of the students. Preschool is funded and operated by the Rajgama Pradeshiya Sabha (local authority).

The latest addition to the community center is the Medical Clinic.  Twice a week a doctor visits the Medical Clinic and service the community. Needed drugs are provided free of charge.

 Kaluthara Central Lions Club Ranmuthuduwa Project

Ranmuthuduwa is a village in the deep down south of Sri Lanka in the district of Hambanthota.  There are about 700 homes with a population of about 5000 persons. It is based on a school of 300 children and a temple in the center.  Lions project is to support the village with multiple services and MnSLFF made the commitment to sponsor the project.

Services focused on:

  •  School Children – Distribution of School Supplies
  • Medical and Medicine – Medical examination by Lions own members who are doctors plus doctors from other clubs.
  • Diabetes and Meal – Provide Testing and Meal
  • Eye Tests – Optician tests and supplying reading glasses, Cataract Operations and treatments.

School Auditorium – Galapitagala Vidyalaya of Ganawalpola, Habarana

Completed 2019.

The sponsor’s purpose of the project is to “help a school in a rural area with limited resources, to share and help underprivileged children of Sri Lanka attain their full potential.”
School Children Group Activity
Students exercise time

Galapitagla Vidyalaya is located in Galapitigala a rural village in the North Central Province in Sri Lanka about 109 mi (or 176 km) north-east of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city. There are 220 students and 20 staff members in Galapitigala Vidyalaya. Majority of the school parents are farmers and laborers.  The school has classes from grade one thru grade eleven. There are three classroom buildings.   School also has a Stage for students’ performance, without a auditorium. This project will fulfill this need.   The auditorium will provide a shelter for the students, teachers, parents, and visitors to enjoy the performance or participate in school gatherings even on hot sunny days or rainy days.

School is located in the district of Anuradhapura