Renovation of the Community Center

MnSLFF made the decision to renovate the Community Center with all the necessary repairs and a full-color wash.  This is the first major repair for the building since the opening of the Community Center in 2007.  Rajgama Pradeshiya Sabha building engineers and the program officers supervise the project. Further, they selected a contractor following governmental procurement processes.  MnSLFF provides funding for the entire project. 

Preschool Graduation

Graduation from the preschool has become a major annual event in the Minnesota Preschool.  Graduating students received a diploma as well as school bags, and some school supplies for the following year. 

Preschool Graduation
Graduation Ceremony

Medical Clinic for the Community

Medical clinic was conducted by the Health Departement officers with the help from the Rajgama Pradeshiya Sabha.  Community members had the opportunity to test their eyesight, hearing, cholesterol, heart-related issues, cancer screening, etc.  Medical officers, doctors, and nurses were present with their mobile laboratories to serve the community. This is the kind of services MnSLFF expected for the community, at the time of designing the building. 

Annual Medical Clinci
Annual Medical Clinic

Books for the Library

September is Literacy Month, all the book publishers and book shops give large discounts for the book buyers.  MnSLFF built the library with all the necessary furniture including book racks, tables, and chairs for the patrons as well as for the staff.  At the time of the handover, the library to Rajgama Pradeshiya Sabha,  all the books recommended by the Sri Lanka Library board was purchased and entered to the library inventory for the use of the community patrons. Further MnSLFF closely monitored the status of the book collection and helped the Pradeshiya Sabha to assure the addition of new publications by providing the required funding. 

Librarians enjoy spending time at Sarasavi Publising House.