Work in Progress

People at Work
People at work

Progress of work indicates as the contractor promised, we could complete  the project by the end of March 2020.  After going thru some procedural issues with the department of Education, he got his first payment. Completed work  has been approved by the engineers of the department of Education, Children are looking forward for the new assembly hall.

Contractor has completed the beams and in the process of fixing the purling for the roof.

Minnesota Sri Lanka Friendship Foundation appreciates all the donors and well wishes for this project. Specially Chandrika Ratnayake who spearhead the activities in USA  to make sure Mr. Leighton Jayasekara’ s  dream to provide a pavilion for the children come true. We also wish Mr. Leighton Jayasekara, the major donor for this project,  will be able to join the staff and the students at the opening of the facility.